Thoughts for your mind

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being conscious.  Being conscious means being a good human being, respectful for others, empathy, balanced mind and many other good positive attitudes.


Who needs more yoga Kids or Adults?

Adults need more yoga than Kids.  Especially, Women after 35 and Men after 40 definitely need Yoga. Do not use Yoga as a lost resort to treat your disease. 

Kids need healthy food.  8 years old and above will have enough maturity to tolerate more than 30 minutes of yoga.

Why Yoga is considered best among all other exercises or fitness options?

Yoga works both body and mind. Yoga is your natural doctor. It works on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energy bodies. It helps to balance your mind, body and energy, which inturn completely relaxes your mind removes stress and gives many benefits.

Is Yoga an extra curricular activity?

No. Yoga is a path/journey. It should be part of your daily life atleast once a week supported by a well balanced healthy food.

Why Yoga is not part of everyone’s life OR some are unable to incorporate in their lives?

Yoga is a very disciplined approach. It usually stays with who are disciplined and committed.

Do you know that Yoga improves Moral Focus?

Moral focus is naturally embedded in Yoga. Yoga improves self control, patience, tolerance, concentration, attention, focus, perseverance and more......Basically creates a well disciplined person...

What is easiest way to become healthy?

Switch to Organics. Organics are free from synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones and animal by products. So you don’t add extra burden to your body to clean it and excessive chemicals in food may create new allergies / auto immune diseases. Also organic foods are safe for environment.