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Basic - Yoga for beginners

(Introduction to all basic poses)


Stretchings, Standing poses-A, Forward Folds, sitting poses, Twistings, Supine/Prone poses and pranayama (Breathing Techniques).


(Adding medium difficulty poses to basic poses)


Stretchings, Standing poses-B,  Leg Balancing Poses, Surya Namaskar Series A, B, Back Bends, Sitting Poses, Supine/Prone poses, Twistings, Shoulder stand, pranayama and preparation for meditation.


(has acquired good knowledge and flexibility- ready to try all poses safely)


Stretchings, Advanced Standing poses, Leg Balancing Poses, Surya Namaskar Series A, B & C, Back Bends-Advanced, Shoulder stand-Series, Hand Balances, Inversions and Meditation.

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Right & Left nostril breathing, Kabalabathi, Basthrika, Kumbakka - In / Out, Om Chanting using breaths, Shanmugimudra, Energy Locks-Bandhas.


Introduction to meditation, guided  meditations, using visualizations, relaxation techniques, meditation using chakras. 

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