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We offer more than just Yoga. We offer comprehensive approach to all our classes.  So all our classes include all formats, which will help everyone to strengthen, improve flexibility, to maintain calm and peacefulness, get good night sleep, improve digestion, metabolism, immunity and Balance Energies.  Ashtanga Yoga has 8 levels. We take you from level 3 Yoga to Level 7 Meditation.

We have yogis coming to us continously for the last 5 years, 1 year.... please refer to their reviews in TESTIMONIALS pages. To see Teacher profile please click on Linkedin or Facebook icon at the bootom of the page.

Our classes are usually small in size, so everyone gets individual attention, approach and modifications. If you have any special needs, we will accomodate it.

We believe Yoga is like your primary Doctor. If you are doing Yoga, it will prevent all illnesses/diseases, eliminates existing illnesses and manages existing diseases easily without damaging other organs like Medications do. After starting Yoga with us, you can check your blood test to see how well your blood results are managed and under control.

Comprehensive Approach of Yoga:

Stretching, standing, forward folds, sitting and twisting poses, supine and prone poses (lying down poses on tummy and on back), sun salutations (surya namaskar), leg balancing poses, safe inversions, tummy concentrated poses-for improved digestion, metabolism, immunity, healthy gut and eliminate constipation.  Spine Twisting poses -for better flexibility, stretching, revitalization all nerves and to make one look younger, Pranayama - Breathing techniques to increase the level of oxygen in the blood so it can benefit all organs and entire body!

This comprehensive approach help us to reach to all parts/organs of the body, which will enable us to achieve our goal to balance our energies both right and left and work on all  4 bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energy body).

Another advantage of comprehensive approach of Yoga to bring the authenticate yoga to you to enjoy the same way it was in ancient times which will give greater impact on your mind and body.

We don't practice Fitness yoga / one style of Yoga bcoz it takes care of only physical body mostly It may not work on both Mind and Body.

Another Important advantage for comprehensive approach of Yoga is to take to you to the next levels of Yoga and walk you in the wellness path.

Ashtanga Yoga has 8 Levels : 

Yama - Social Discipline

Niyama - Self Discipline 

Yoga - Asanas (poses)

Pranayama - Breathing techniques

Pratyahara - Withdrawal of senses

Dharna - Concentration

Dhyana - Meditation

Samadhi - Wisdom


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